Project ACTIVE

Concept and Objective

The river and inner water channels commercial transportation generates lower emissions, less noise pollution and is more fuel efficient than road transportation. The research project ACTIVE originates from the necessity of the operators to modernize the existing inner water fleet. ACTIVE aims, through the contribution of the three partners Navalprogetti, TPP and UniTS, at defining a new concept of inner water vessels characterised by low investment and maintenance costs, reduced emission of pollutants with the ultimate objective of revamping inner water navigation. UniTS has studied a variation for passenger transportation and different variations of engines. The reference vessel has a Va CEMT classification  for Containership/coils transportation

Lenght: 110 m Displacement: 3,000 t
Width: 1.4 m Speed at sea: 10kn
Depth: 2.8 m Speed in inner waters: 5 kn


Innovation points: The main innovation points researched have been: An innovative fluidodynamic systems (Air Cavity System) which significantly reduce water resistance and consequently the power installed.  An innovative water water propulsion system (Bivortix) based on cycloidal propulsors with multiple paddles and characterised by higher overall efficiencies than those currently commercialized. LNG propulsion ensuring reduction of  pollutants. Flexibility of design and conversion for different types of load.

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