Power Generation – Turbymill

A newly conceived system that generates electric power from any flow of water, extremely flexible, easy and swift to deploy. It is environmental friendly because the rotation speed of the paddles is lower  than that of the water flow and hence represents no harm for wildlife.

Turbymill Main Features

Turbymill is an innovative vertical axis water propulsion system with two counter rotating crowns and orbital paddles. Protected by international patents in major industrialized countries. Capable to operate in slow and damless water flows at any depth, does not require piezometric jump given the innovative recovering system, it is sufficient eplain flow of water at low/medium speed. Can be utilized in both salt and fresh water. Can have any size, is modular and is adaptable to any site conditions. Reduces/eliminates tightening works requiring only minor ancillary works.

Potential Utilizations

Fixed or floating installations on canals, submergible installations in sea areas with submarine currents, small and transportable installations for temporary utilizations (ex. calamity areas). Can be deployed where required and moved very swiftly, works profitably where standard hydroelectric systems are not economical for low head or low flow speed.