Electric power generation highlights

  • Newly conceived system, protected by international patent
  • Generates electric power from renewable sources
  • Extremely flexible, easy and swift to deploy
  • Environmental friendly, no hazards for wildlife because the rotation speed is lower  than average of water speed
  • System with vertical axis, composed by orientables blades, mounted on two counterrotating circles
  • Innovative impeller, orthogonal to the water flow, able to process slow and damless water flows at any depth
  • Does not require piezometric jump given the innovative recovering system, it is sufficient plain flow of water at low/medium speed
  • Can be utilized in both salt and fresh water
  • Can have any size, is modular and is adaptable to any site conditions
  • Reduces/eliminates tightening works requiring only minor ancillary works


Possible utilizations

  • Fixed or floating installations on canals of shores
  • Submergible installations in sea areas with submarine currents
  • Small and transportable installations for temporary utilizations with immediate capacity (ex. calamity areas)
  • Can be deployed where required and moved very swiftly, works profitably where standard hydroelectric systems are not economical for low head or low flow speed