Water Propulsion – Bivortix

An efficient and agile propulsion system particularly suitable for vessels operating in tight, confined or anyway difficult conditions requiring frequent maneuvers, ideal for vessels operating with DPS. It is possible to build targeted propulsion systems for specific needs by changing the diameter of the crowns, the number and shape of the paddles, and the number and positioning of the propulsion system in the hull.


Bivortix Main Features

Bivortix is an innovative vertical axis water propulsion system with two counter rotating crowns and orbital paddles. Protected by international patent in major industrialized countries. High maneuverability due to the possibility of directing thrust and power instantly on 360°. Test conducted at Krylov State Research Center showed an efficiency of 0,51 and a thrust/power ratio above 31Kg/CV. Compared to existing cycloidal systems with analogous thrust, Bivortix yielded analogous results with the advantage of being leaner and simpler to manufacture. Furthermore the lack of lateral thrust components allows singular installations with the advantage of saving weight and structural robustness of the hull.








Potential Utilizations

Tugs operating in confined spaces which necessitate high maneuverability and immediate thrust on 360°, transportation vessels for persons/materials in shallow waters operating frequent maneuveres, in other difficult orographic conditions (ex. vaporetti, ferries, steamers, lake or river vessels), leisure motor and sail yachts, as ancillary propulsion for lateral (360°) thrusts/DPS, specialized vessels (ex. off-shore, lifeboats, research vessels, etc.), ideal for DPS.