Bivortix Main features – Bivortix is an innovative vertical axis water propulsion system with two counter rotating crowns and orbital paddles. Protected by international patent in major industrialized countries. High maneuverability due to the possibility of directing thrust and power instantly on 360°. Test conducted at Krylov showed an efficiency of 0,51 and a thrust/power ratio above 31Kg/CV. Compared to existing cycloidal systems with analogous thrust, Bivortix yielded analogous results with the advantage of being leaner and simpler to manufacture. Furthermore the lack of lateral thrust components allows singular installations with the advantage of saving weight and structural robustness of the hull.


Mechanics –Bivortix is an innovative vertical axis water propulsion system with two counter-rotating and concentric crowns on which are mounted a number of orbital paddles. The paddles have an opportune angle of attack during the rotation of the 2 concentric and counter-rotating crowns thus pushing the water either by resistance (some) or by lift (the others) in the desired direction. The torque originated on the rotation axis is negligible which allows savings in structural robustness. The orientation of the paddles on both crowns is regulated through a specific mechanism. Unlike the exisitng cycloidal systems, the resultant of the rotational torque of thrust of one counter-rotating crown is added to that of the other, thus balancing the arms and making the overall thrust balanced and centered on the axis of rotation and directionable on 360° making the rudder redundant.